Sonntag, 11. Januar 2009

Maison Labbe

photo by frederic plazar

"Rotating houses are not a new idea, and have some real advantages; they can follow the sun to maximize passive solar heating in cool weather and shading in warm; solar panels can track the sun along with the house and generate power and heat more efficiently. It doesn't take much power to move a house that slowly. In Nice, France, Frederic Plazar has designed a series of turntable houses ranging from 80m2 (861 SF) to 140m2 (1506 SF). The Maisons Labbé website calls it a "Bioclimactic house", that uses 60% less energy than a conventional house.

photo by frederic plazar

The house rests on a turntable that can be up to 12 meters (39 feet) in diameter. Sales manager Xavier Prieur told a french newspaper that "The cost, around 2,300 euros m2 ($308 PSF), is equivalent or even lower than that of a traditional house because the construction does not require foundations, so no heavy earthmoving work," which doesn't make much sense to me, the turntable would have to sit on something solid. No indication that any have yet been built at ::Maisons Labbé" text by threehugger

photo by frederic plazar

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